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Marketing automation tools

There are many tools out there, some tools are better for some conditions and others for different conditions but most companies will be just fine with any of the competing tools. The value is created when you manage to use the stack of tools selected optimally to execute complex campaigns.

The tools that I have experience with includes:


Hubspot is one of the largest “all-in-one solutions. They do everything well but their strength is that they do everything - if you can pay for it you can have handle everything from their platform.


Active campaign is another one of the larger “All on one” solutions. They have a really god automation builder and a large number of triggers. Integration with other tools is possible though sometimes a little tedious. They don’t cover as much as Hubspot but their automation flows builder is better.

Google tag manager, Google Analytics

These are tools that allow you to easily plant triggers on you platforms and track user engagement.


Lets you monitor quality use of your platforms in order to identify issues.


Data management tool. Basically it’s a data warehouse and hub allowing of easy connections between your own platforms and any tool you choose to use.


Allows for simple data transfer between platforms, simple flows and triggers.


User analytics. LEt’s you monitor specific user behaviour, customize dashboards and identify specific users groups most likely to take a specific action.

Snitcher, leadfeeder

Two of the many tools for B2B IP identification. They let you identify what companies that visit any of your marketing platforms based on the IP address of you visitors.


Intercoms strengths are customized chatbots and direct messages. When combined with well-planned data and triggers it can be an incredibly powerful communication as you talk directly to the users when they are on your platform., Mailchimp

Specialized emailing tools. allows you to send personal emails through your you own email inbox, and Mailchimp is a standard marketing email client.


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